How To Turn Your Blog Into Business

Blogging is a very popular way to get earning. It is very easy to earn from the blog if you have a lot of traffic on your blog. You can earn from many ways like advertising, subscriber, paid speaker and many more. Getting business from the blog is not a small process. For this, you need to follow some steps like your audience interest. Your blog never gives you earning from start a day, you need to spend time on your blog writing and promoting it to get genuine followers. And at the end when you get thousands of genuine readers you can start earning from your blog.

Firstly we discuss how we can build brand that helps us to earn money from that platform:-

Find Out What Your Audience Exactly Want From You:-

This is the first and most important task when you are writing a blog or want to get engagement on your blog. Here you need to know about your reader’s choice what they like to read from you or what they expect from you or what they want from you. Once you know your audience then try to give what they expect and your audience will increase day by day.

Use automated platform for your brand:-

A self-serve platform is best to build your brand. When you build your brand on that platform then you can easily communicate with your audience on chat rooms, forums or personal messages etc. You don’t need to use the traditional process of commenting response. And with this platform, you can focus on to building brand instead of their infrastructure.

Build a great connection with your followers:-

Your followers are your source of earning through your blog so you need to make a great connection with them. Help your followers to establish a connection with your brand. Response their queries, their thoughts and their advices. When you do this, you will have a better audience to target and earning.

Generate leads form other resources and use them for earning:-

You can generate leads through your blog. Give your audience a free ticket like free quotes or free e-books when they visit your blog. After creating this magnet ask them for e-mail to subscribe and then follow them through e-mails. Mail your new blog information or any other information in a way that they are first who know about this information. So your audience will daily visit your blog and there would be chances to get leads.

Now you are a great author or blogger for your audience and your blog is ready to earn, you have an audience that is genuine and satisfied with your brand and you can easily earn from them. Here are some ways that help to earn you from your blog:

Offer to brands to write their content:-

This is the good way to earn from your blog. If someone follows you and he/she like your content then you can also offer paid content writing for other brands. And also share other brands content on your blog that we generally called paid guest posting.

Setup ads on your blog:-

You can set up product ads on your blog. Google ads that show on your blog page is also a way to earn. When your followers visit your blog and get click on that ad then ad’s brand whose ad display on your blog page give you money because a customer visits them from your page.

Sell products with referral link:-

Sell other products on your blog with referral link is another good way to earn. When someone goes on that product with your referral link then you can earn some commission as you and other brand decided. If you have an audience in thousands then minimum to minimum hundreds of your audience must click that link and you can earn from there.

Paid Speaker in Events:-

You can use your this skill to earn like if someone invites you as a speaker on company’s event then you earn from there too. Because that event organizer’s paying you for your speaking or representing thoughts.

Wrapping up:

If you have the ability to build a platform that everyone follows then you easily build a connection with the audience. And to earn from blog always give priority to your audience. When you do this then surely your audience give back to you what you

Top 3 Tips For Writing Guest Post Effectively

With the increase in competition in the field of content writing, many companies have cropped up who provide you the content writing services. However, there are very few who actually provide you the quality content. So, in case you have that ability to provide a high quality content but are unable to fetch the desired audience ratio then one way to attract more audience is by indulging in guest posting. To make the efficient use of the same, you need to indulge in providing the best guest blogging services only then will you be able to publish the same on high authority websites. Being associated with the best guest posting service in Chandigarh here we are to help you out in this regards. Here we are going to discuss the top 3 tips for writing guest post effectively.

Never go in for promotional article

There are other means and ways to promote your product and services, do not abuse the chance that you get to write a guest post for doing so. The websites do not want to waste the time of the audiences reading your promotional articles. You need to use this opportunity sensibly to educate the audience. Apart from this you need to solve the pain points that they have. This will result in building the credibility as well as trust.

Never compromise on quality of content

Remember that you are not doing a favour by writing a guest post. On the contrary you have got an opportunity to do so which you need to make the best use of. if you are writing a blog to be published on another blog, then this n no case implies that you can compromise on the quality. Instead you need to be more conscious about the same as these are being written for external blogs where you get an opportunity to capture the attention of the audience so that they go and check your website too. Contribute a quality content to the website that has agreed to publish your content as a guest blog on their site.

Never use it primarily to get inbound links

Google says that guest blogging primarily for inbound links is not functional anymore and for the same reason has earned the reputation of being a spammy practice. Thus, making your guest post replete with the spammy links is not at all a wise decision. On the contrary, you ought to use the guest posting as a medium to create the interesting as well as the most helpful content for the readers by spreading awareness about your brand at the same time. This will help you generate more traffic and leads automatically.

All in all, these are the top 3 tips for writing guest post effectively. You need to be very particular about the content that you provide so as to actually make a ground in the mind and heart of the target audience.

Tips For Guardians to Make Youtube Safer For Kids

There is no doubt that children eagerly love YouTube. They can spend more time finding and watching their most-liked videos like PUBG or else and learning new games or making their own YT (YouTube) channel and upload their videos and share it with friends. Unfortunately, not all videos in YouTube are child-friendly, and some of them can be inappropriate stuff like violence trigger, hate speech, etc.

Some following tips are here to help parents monitor their kids and make their YT journey safer:

  1. Make an account in Google which is operated by the entire family. By doing so, you can see entirely what videos your kids are uploading, watching, even sharing with others. Kids (younger than 13) can’t have an account on YT as per the policy of YouTube.
  2. When you have logged into YT through family Google account, then you should switch it to the restricted mode by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. It will detach you from some, not all, the inappropriate stuff that you don’t want to share with kids. This Safety Mode on also assists you, not to immediately look at the user comments.
  3. Sit along with your kids and monitor the things that they want to watch. Mostly, they like those things that are attached to a channel. If you want to hurl dirty contents into the dustbin, then subscribe only those channels which are having child-friendly videos. By doing so, kids will not be able to face inappropriate contents as they will not require to search the videos.
  4. Disable the YT app on the phone especially iPad/iPod touch because there is no Safety Mode on the YT mobile app. If you are worried about your kids viewing YouTube without Safety mode, then it’s better to disable the YT app.
  5. Even after disabling YT app on your mobile, kids can still watch YouTube videos by using the Safari browser on iPod touch/iPad. So, disable the Safari and install a kidwise safer browser. On these kid-safe browsers, you can enable Safety Mode on and even block YouTube entirely.
  6. Disable the comments also on your videos, if uploaded by your kids from the family Google account. By doing so, it will stop people from making unnecessary comments on your videos. Even videos can be uploaded privately on YT by choosing Private out of Public, Private or Unlisted while uploading a video. Here, Private means that your videos can be viewed by only those people chosen by you in a list.

It is here noted that YouTube for kids was launched for kids below the age of 13 years. In this, there is a robust filtering algorithm to make kids safe and secure. Always remember, nothing is 100% safe in this digital world so manage the propensity of your kids in which direction they are going.

Tips to Improve Blogging Skills

I am active on blogging for 8 years. In these 8 years I have made a lot of mistakes in blogging. And I always try to correct my mistakes. As far as I believe, life is too short, so you should learn something from other mistakes instead of mistakes.

In this post I tell you about some of the blogging tips that I have made myself and also learnt from others ‘ mistakes.

1. Visitors not wait to come to your blog.

If you’re thinking of creating a blog after any visitors wait to visit your blog, you’re thinking wrong.

Because the user has more smart than you. And unless they helpful your blog, they will not visit your blog daily.

If you want your visitor wait to come to your blog, you’ll need to publish content to your blog that will win and force their mind to visit your blog.

2-Blogging takes a little time to do all the things.

In blogging you may not be successful in shortcut way because it may take a time to do everything. Google traffic to index your post and send, increasing Twitter followers, earning good from Google AdSense , plus more things, which can take a while in the blogging.

So the work done in hurry can harm you. In every hour, the blogging stat 20 times will not come into your work.

3-Google easily identifies good content.

If you’re wondering if you can fool Google you’re thinking wrong. Because Google is more smart than you.

So unless your content is good and quality, your post will not rank on Google’s top. Google bots easily detect good and spam content.

So never try to fool Google. Always put good content on the blog so that Google likes and indexes your blog quickly.

4-Regular Blog update does not have much damage.

Regular Blog update is main reason for most people to be fail in blogging.

If you think you can update to 1-2 post in the week successful your blog, then you will be removed from your heart.

If you start a new blog, you should update it on daily basis on that blog to success it. You will have two benefits if you daily update your blog.

The first advantage that one will visit on your blog is to become your regular reader and it will daily to read the new post on your blog, which will traffic your blog.

And another advantage is that Google likes a blog or website that has some updates every day. So daily update will increase the ranking in your search engine and you’ll get more traffic from the search engines.

5-You cannot find overnight success in blogging

Once you start blogging , you should keep in mind blogging a long-term investment. Where you can’t get success in a day or a month.

You may take a time to success in the blogging. As far as blogging business is concerned, the traffic of your blog does gradually increased only since you write 30 great articles.

To be spoken in other words, blogging you publish as much content as you type, the better you get result. The world does not get good things quickly, so you can take time to be successful in blogging too.

This way we can say that blogging is long-term investment business. Where you get success but you .don’t get Overnight success here.

6-Writing and editing only blogging is not required.

If you are creating a business blog, you don’t need only writing and editing skills.

There are also a lot of things that you should keep in good information about. You should come to understand the data analyzing and what to do next and what to do and what not to do.

In addition, you should also re-design your blog. You should also have to give call-to-action in your content, and you should also come in email marketing and social media marketing.

All of these are Besides and there are many things you should know about. So, try to learn all about these things except writing and editing after you start a blog.

To create a successful business blog, you need to know each of the smallest things in blogging.

7-Never stop learning

Blogging is something that can never be learnt in any whole.

If you are going to blogging and you know a little bit about blogging, then you never think you have complete blogging information. And now you don’t need to learn anything in blogging.

If you think so, your blog will never successful because no one can keep up with all the information about blogging. The main reason for this is that there is something daily in the blogging of change. And in daily blogging, new things continue to come. So if you want to successful your blog to run, you should learn about daily blogging’s new things.

8-The new Blog keeps theme very matter

When I started my first blog, I didn’t pay much attention to the blog’s theme.

And I used to use my blog in a very snapping flare. Then one day I met a professional blogger named Sheikh Aslam.

We both sat down a place and began to talk about blogging, as Sheikh Aslam open my blog and Seeing them of my blog began to look like me. Then Sheikh Aslam made me calmly informed about the importance of a blog’s theme, and I suggest a good theme, and then I uploaded them to my blog to tell them.

When I change to my blog, my blog was very improvement after 1 month. So friends are very matter of the new Blog. You should choose to have them in a very good way of your blog.

9-Breathe after writing

Breathe after writing. The author who makes the first mistake edits his post when it’s OK. The author’s thoughts are fresh in their heads and when their articles are re-read so they can’t just pick up on errors. Giving yourself time will put you in the seat of the reader without prejudice to your work. You won’t remember why you chose that exact word on another. This is only a time when I advise to distract: TV, music, Facebook, what do you have. The key is to focus on unrelated things then come back to your article.

10-Divide and conquer

Divide your edits into three processes: content editing, composition editing, and grammar editing. Being more specific when editing will help you focus on specific grammatical errors. Again, take your time.

-Edit the content. Review your articles by keeping an eye on the sections you don’t mean. Look for incomplete paragraphs and pieces. After identifying them, work towards fixing errors.

-Edit structure. Write your articles in such a way that readers will be able to follow your content. Structure your content using bullets or bold headers. -Lore Grammar.

Finally, edit grammatical errors. It should take no more than 10-15 minutes for articles of 800-900 Word.

I have told you about 8 great points that you should keep in mind when you start a new blog.

If besides, there is a blogging tip which we should take into consideration when you start a new blog. So, share him in comment box. Also, do not forget to share this post with the new blogger.

Reviewing Niche Products And Services

Reviewing Products and services can lead to unlimited opportunity

In this article we’ll be discussing the process of researching products and services that can be used as reviews within the posted content on your website. There is an awesome opportunity residing in every niche and product reviews are a critical component to any successful authority website on the internet.

Let’s have a look at these topics:

  • Introduction to Product Reviews
  • Products and Services can lead to great opportunity
  • The Top Platforms to use for product research
  • Building product keyword lists

Introduction to product reviews

Marketers create several types of product reviews:

  • Single product review – ex: Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker
  • multiple product review – ex: Best 12 Cup Coffee Makers
  • Product vs product review- ex: Mr Coffee vs Keurig 12 Cup Coffee Makers

There are other ways to review products, some other product review types are:

  • Video – display product and how to use
  • Unboxing from delivery
  • Negative review warning viewers and offering a better choice
  • The 5 Ws – ex. who: Mr. Coffee – when: sold in stores, what: digital coffee pot, why: it’s new and improved, where: online and near you.

What can be included in our review:

  • Overall rank
  • Product descriptions
  • Pros and Cons
  • Price
  • Guarantee – yes/no
  • Product specifications

These can be displayed somewhere on the review page.

The reviewing products and services process is all to inform your readers so that they can make an educated purchasing decision, and help them make the best choice for their situation. The viewer has come to your website by choosing our link from the search engine result pages (serp’s).

The first thing they see upon entering your site is the link page that they clicked on. We should come across, or appear to them as professional business people who care about them so they can feel comfortable and trust us as niche authorities.

We also need to see the whole process from the right point of view in that we are trying to help the reader make an educated purchasing decision. We are NOT trying to sell them anything. Our service to the reader is to provide them with reliable quality content that answers their search entry, and lead them to the better choice, which could be the product that we are promoting.

How Reviewing Products and Services can lead to great opportunity
Every review represents a burst of traffic to your website and also an evergreen, or continuous, source of traffic. It’s a great idea to pay attention to the new releases, or trending products in your niche that you can review. As viewers are looking for the new product they can see your review and end up on your website, possibly leaving their email address or even making a purchase.

The more reviews that you write means more and more traffic to your website, coming from the many social media sites, forums, and various serp’s (search engine result pages). So, the more quality product reviews we can write means all the more potential opportunity through the many avenues can come our way.

The Top Platforms to use for product research

  • Product source or website – Best for specifications and details
  • Manufacturer – Best for specifications and details
  • Distributor source – Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot
  • Reviews – great for feedback on the product. It’s a good habit to always check the product reviews on Amazon, and wherever the product is sold.
  • Google alerts – name – this will get lots of relevant info in your email so that you can stay updated and well-informed concerning the product.
  • Highest Competitors – could find some info useful whether a video or previously unknown fact.
  • JV sources – joint venture: JVzoo, JVnotifypro, phys example: The Rock and Under Armour teaming up to create a specific line of clothing.

Building a product keyword list
It’s really necessary to use a good keyword tool and there are a number of good ones Free online and most at least have free trials.

The FREE Google Keyword Planner has been around for many years now and is a great one to use. This keyword planner is great to use with each and every post, article, or page that you write and can certainly be of great assistance as you fill up your website with fresh, quality, relevant, keyword rich content that attracts viewers and satisfies their search inquiries.

One great thing about using this tool is that you can draw information directly from Google’s search engine which is by far the largest and most used search option available.

Find a quiet place and spend some time researching within and making a list of topics and ideas that you can write about. Every title should have one main keyword in it. Within every niche there are many areas or topics that can be written about. Every article, post, or page that you create for your website should have a keyword in the title and that will be the focal point of the article.

The goal for every article or post is to get your article and website ranked well with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the rest of the search engines. This will attract visitors from the vastness of the internet to visit your site.

It’s best to save all of the keywords that we want to use and add them to the list which is saved within the keyword tool that we’re using. Some great information is found in the keyword tool, and it’s also best to choose a keyword that:

  • Is relevant to my niche
  • Gets over 30 average searches per month
  • Has less than 100 QSR, or quoted search results (competing sites)
  • Must be grammatically correct

What Is the Next Level for the Internet?

Ever wondered how the Internet could be upgraded? What would be required or expected? Read on to find out.

Here they are:

  1. Having controls or censorship of some kind

A five-year old kid should not be able to access pornography sites for instance, and there should be some kind of controls or censorship embedded within the web monitoring them.

  1. More master classes and online webinars

They could be about a hot topic regarding your niche and what you have researched and found. They could be about promoting a digital program or product you own.

  1. More surveys

They could be about what your subscribers want to know more about or utilize more. They could be about what they want more of. An online survey, correctly constructed, would help to reveal all that.

  1. More videos and audio

More videos regarding a digital product or program you want to promote could be created. It helps you earn more sales and earn popularity if you built your product right with great demand. Make known to as many people as you can about your product through videos and you will soar.

Meditation audio is very popular and there are many kinds of them available now. They are concerned with the mind and help to soothe the mind. So try out these audio and you may get an amazing breakthrough. Creators of these audio promise they will work awesome even while you sleep and others which will work fantastically while you get ready for work.

  1. More Email Marketing

Sending emails to your subscribers list and letting them know of your smashing brand new product(s) are what email marketing is about. Gradually let them know why they would benefit from your product(s) and what is rich and invigorating about them.

  1. Promotion on Social Media

You can also advertise your products via social media. Subscribers like to use social media as well. So if you could let them know about your fabulous products on this platform, you could benefit as well.

  1. Blogging

You can blog innovative ideas on a certain topic in your niche or blog simply to introduce your new book or any other product to bring attention of your readers. Blogging will definitely become more rampant when you take the internet to the next level.

  1. Article Writing

Yes, article writing is another way to introduce your ideas to the world. It is also a good medium to promote your book or digital product in the promotional area and you will start to get positive responses as well.

  1. Mighty reign of Amazon

Amazon depth will be larger selling even wider range of products. Book marketing via Amazon will always be good for the benefits of society, nation and world.

Summing up, these are a few pointers where internet could get even more visibility if you would like to take it to the next level. In fact, the existing pointers show where the internet is already doing good and could do even better and better as days go by.

8 Steps To Starting That New Career

Fed Up, Bored, Or Stuck In A Rut?

Are you fed up, tired, or bored with your current job or career? Do you hate having to get up each morning to go to a job or career that you really don’t like? You know there must be something better out there but can’t seem to take the action necessary to make any changes. Instead, it’s easy to keep the same old boring routine and just get used to it, as the months and years roll on by.

Did you know that we only have so much time in our working careers and shouldn’t waste them being miserable each day with our job or career? Isn’t life far too short to be unfulfilled year after year?

Hopefully, you’re not stuck in a rut and can’t get out of it. If so, there is definitely hope for you as you learn and follow a few steps. For any changes to take place it’s essential to take action every day in every way that you can. One thing that holds many back is that they don’t want to be out of their comfort zones but probably need to be if there’s a career change taking place.

Here are 8 steps for you about starting that new career or job and breaking out of that rut:

1. Attitude is very important. Mental preparation to change is needed to be committed to starting that new and best situation for you. See yourself as a valuable asset to anybody or company and worthy of consideration for whatever you’re seeking after.

Also, understand that changing careers will take some time. There is probably a learning curve that can take a few weeks or 6 months, or longer. Mentally preparing and starting out with a goal in focus, a plan, and a take action attitude are critical for success.

Feel confident and good about yourself and do things like helping others, perhaps volunteering, that make you feel good. Upgrading your “style” in dress, vehicle, or another way can make someone feel good about themselves. Now that you’re looking and feeling good you’re ready for:

2. Re-evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. There are also many free Career Aptitude Tests online that anyone can take to help them decide on their best career choice. Take your time here and sleep on it. Then you’re ready for the next step:

3. Education – If you’re drastically changing careers then there would be a need to learn new things, take a class, get certified, or licensed. This will take some time but be well worth it. This training will look great on your resume as you move into your new career job. If you’re using a resume, remake and update it or better yet have it professionally written up for you.

The resume is a tool to represent the person and open up doors of opportunity for them. Make sure that it draws a nice picture of your work history and qualifications. Most people will stretch the truth, or exaggerate a bit so that their resume will make them look as favorably and qualified as possible. A word of caution, don’t lie as it’s wrong and you certainly wouldn’t want to be caught in a lie.

4. Start Networking online on social media like LinkedIn and Facebook. Update your profiles to reflect your purpose and attract what it is that you’re looking for. Ask family and friends that you know and respect their suggestions or advice, however always consider the advice and make your own decisions after sleeping on them.

5. Personal Grooming – Next step is to get yourself ready for action, consider how you look and dress, are there some positive changes that can be made to help the cause, like a haircut, hairdo, shave, grow a beard, etc. How about clothing, can your wardrobe be updated to improve your image? Throw out or give away some old clothing and replace with some new shoes, pants, dresses or shirts and whatever else will give a polished and professional look.

6. Confidence, persistence, and patience need to be exercised daily as you enter and find your way into the new career choice. Always have a positive vibration and an attitude of expecting something good to occur, which puts the law of attraction into action. Remember that you are a valuable commodity and a great benefit to everyone that does business with or hires you. Act as if and walk the walk of the new and improved you with a new purpose in mind, forgetting any past failures and reach forward to the things which are ahead as you build a new career and attract success through your persistence, patience, and daily efforts.

7. Always have a list of things to do and keep an eye on that list, crossing off things as they are accomplished. This is very important and will get you into the habit of completing tasks and moving forward toward whatever goal(s) that you’ve set up for yourself.

8. Always have a goal written down and in mind, and be constantly and methodically moving toward it. Take a look at exactly where you are and exactly what the goal is and continually move toward that goal persistently and don’t stop until your goals are met.

It’s normal to alter the plan a little as you go but keep focused on the desired end result and the day’s tasks to meet that goal. You can meet every goal one by one and build up a very successful career for yourself.