How to Choose The Better CMS For You

5 Tips before choosing a CMS for your web project

Always that we need to have a web in constant evolution and growth we believe in having a CMS (content management system) with which you can edit quickly and easily throughout the content. To do this we use WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! or any other that we like more or give us better performance, but do you really use the one that best adapts to our project?

Almost always we tend to use the CMS that best know how to use it or that most knowledge we have and we ignore other, perhaps the project in question are most advantageous. It is for this reason that we pass on to enumerate five basic points to know what CMS to use in our project.


The research before you begin to prepare the website in a CMS is essential. We need to know if all the features of our content management system will allow us to develop our project without many impediments, as using a CMS we depend on him and his characteristics. Although you can get to perform, the best thing is not to create a website informative in a Prestashop for example. We must study our needs before you opt for any content management system.


The positioning we are all interested and we all struggle for him. A website needs to be well-positioned and a content management system can facilitate that task, as many are adapted to insertarles the code SEO that we need to as metadata. It is important to see the extent to which it is able to reach each CMS to know if once you have the project in operation we will have to spend more or less time and money on positioning.

Mobile Devices

Another aspect to take into account and not leave it to one side is to know if you allow us to have templates adapted to the mobile device. We are all connected to our smartphones and tablets, so it is essential to have a web page tailored to them. Each day, the percentage of searches from these devices increases, and if we are not prepared our competition will have an advantage over us and that we are not interested.


This point is not paramount, but it really helps to have a community behind a content manager to be able to ask and find solutions to the problems that we find ourselves in. As mentioned earlier, we rely on this CMS that we have selected, and therefore, if we have an active community behind it is very likely that we support, and troubleshoot potential errors or debugging that we need to ask the content manager.


Components, plugins, extensions, modules,… each content management system uses some or other even number and it is important to know what each is using and that amount have to be able to meet our needs. These extensions will improve the performance of the CMS basic and will help us to create new content, manage users, improve the SEO, structuring your site, and a myriad of possibility that we are joined to bring our website to a higher level.