Importance of Content Management System

CMS is one of the most competitive market application today. In the world there are several thousands or tens of thousands of such applications.

The main distinctive features of content management is that we have two benefits. It is the ability to create sites that virtually have any complexity, not having knowledge in HTML, CSS, and other areas of the WEB-programming. As well as the possibility of rapid, easy and intuitive add, delete, editing and formatting of the content, this greatly simplifies and makes it easier to administer the site.

The majority of the CMS are modular architecture that allows the administrator to select and configure the components that it needed.

CMS appeared not so long ago. In the early development of the Internet and the web, in particular, the majority of the sites were extremely simple and contain not more than a dozen pages with the text. Then the sites are designed in a simple text editor by entering the HTML code. If you look at the source code of the web page, you can see that it is not only from the text of the directly to the content. There is quite a lot of code markup language HTML. There are many parts of HTML which are repeated on all pages. We simplify the developers, instead of a simple text editor began to use specialized text editors that allow you to quickly as possible to generate HTML document and to store the workpiece HTML tags. This would significantly accelerate the process of elaboration of the sites.

As the development of the web sites have begun to also evolve rapidly and expanded. We have many sites could not fit on the ten pages, for they were all the more and more pages. The developers have continued to develop tens and hundreds of pages in the editors. This process has already been so fast and easy. Had to keep all in the head”, remember where and what is the file. When adding a new page, often had to modify yet and the other pages, for example to add links to new pages and so on. Often overlooked to make changes to some of the old pages. This process continued all the time to add a new page you need to remember where to make changes in the old and so on the chain. And if changed, for example, the name of the Organization in the chapeau of the site, to change the web page manually.

The first system was considered Vignette, which appeared in the West in 1995. In our country the content management appeared much later.

The history of the content management began with the management of documents in the classical sense of the word i.e. text files.

A large part of the modern systems of content management is implemented in the form of visual editor. A program that creates the HTML code from the special frontloaded spot, allowing the user to easier to format the text.

Thus, the content management system have two main challenges. From user’s point of view, it is a tool that allows you to publish news, place the new pages on the site and to perform other operations on the content through a user-friendly interface. The user may not possess technologies for the Internet development, but it must be understood as the behavior of the site.

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